Models needed!

If you have had breast reconstruction and are ready to have nipple and areola micropigmentation, please contact me now as I am compiling a portfolio of the pigments available for different skin types.

If you have had the procedure in the past and need to have the pigment touched up, I can help with that, as well.

Medical tattooing in breast reconstruction

I am a breast cancer survivor since July of 2010 when I underwent breast reconstruction after a bilateral mastectomy.  I am also a working artist.  I paint watercolors, murals, and portraits as that is my true passion.  I am also passionate about sharing my story and giving hope to women who are also on the same journey on the way to healing from this disease.

I have been training and am being certified to perform medical tattooing for women who are going through breast reconstruction and are ready for the final step – areola and nipple tattooing.  As an artist I use my skills to create a realistic and dimensional result that can put the crowning jewel on reconstructed breasts and give a woman a sense of normalcy and confidence in her self-image once again.  That is my heart’s desire.

I am looking for models to complete my certification.  I am very blessed to be working under a certified medical tattoo artist who is highly respected and one of the pioneers in this field.  She will be overseeing and assisting in this process.  If you or any of your friends or family is going through this process, please contact me as this is being offered at a fraction of the cost for this procedure in order for me to receive my certification.

Thanks for listening and please share with anyone you know who is in need of this.  You can email me at

I am a breast cancer survivor.

I am a breast cancer survivor.

In 2010, I underwent breast reconstruction after a bilateral mastectomy.  My very talented plastic surgeon created two nipple mounds from skin that was removed from my back when my latissimus muscles were relocated to my chest.  The very last procedure after the year long process was to finally have permanent color applied to the areola of my new nipples.  The piece de resistance.  The jewel in the crown. The cherry on top!

The micropigmentation was done by a nurse in the physician’s office.  The result was a circle of color that was expertly applied but lacking in any dimension or depth.  As a portrait and landscape artist, I knew there had to be a more a more lifelike and realistic result possible.

My second experience with areola tattooing was entirely different and done by a veteran in the micropigmentation field.  She was a respected pioneer in the development of the equipment and pigments used in para-medical micropigmentation.  As luck would have it, she was also a certified instructor in this procedure with a passion for teaching who graciously agreed to take me under her wing to instruct me in the art of areola and nipple pigmentation.

My lifelong love of art and a longing to impart hope to other breast cancer survivors has brought me here. My desire is to give a woman an end result that she will be proud of and to help restore her sense of confidence in her self-image once again.

In painting there is a technique called trompe l’oeil which means “to fool the eye”.  I set out to apply this technique to nipple and areola pigmentation to give other reconstruction patients a nipple that actually looks realistic and dimensional – 3D!


Donna McGuire